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REACH is the new EU regulation regarding. registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals. It came into force on 1 June 2007 and replaces a number of EU directives and regulations with a single system.

BAC Corrosion Control A / S will be affected by REACH in three ways, as a consumer (downstream user) as producer and importer:

BAC Corrosion Control by the consumer (downstream user)

As a consumer of a number of substances / substances such as glue, paint, etc. BAC are currently making arrangements with suppliers of all raw materials, firstly to ensure supply, and secondly to ensure that all inputs are registered to the Special purpose it is serving with the BAC and the existence of product information and instructions for workplace substance or compound. We of course expect that our suppliers as we ourselves comply with applicable laws.

BAC Corrosion Control A / S as a producer / importer

BAC producing / importing anodes which are classified as "one product" under REACH, which defines a product as "the object implementing production / processing is given a specific shape, surface or design which determines the function of the product better than the chemical composition ".

For substances / substances in a product requires a special arrangement / a special system concerning. registration under REACH.

REACH requires all substances / substances are being delivered using the product under normal and reasonable foreseeable conditions / circumstances are recorded according to the normal rules, if the product is produced or imported and the quantity exceeds one tonne per year per manufacturer or importer. Anodes are designed to corrode and released as a result of the environment. Several substances / substances contained in the anodes exceeds the limit of one tonne per year.

Detailed information about the chemical composition of anodes are available from the strict material specifications according to which all raw materials purchased. Anodes are produced or imported in / from the BAC containing not more than 0.1% of "very problematic" drugs / substances (SVHC). So there does not need approval.

Also taking into account the information which was recently published by ECHA BAC has pre-registered substances / substances which are included in production and imports of anodes.

There will subsequently be created a SIEF (Substance Information Exchange Forum) in which producers and importers of the relevant substances will share information, such

Disclose all existing studies for other participants

Requests from other participants for information about each drug

Jointly identify needs for further studies. This is done by taking up the study registrant must prepare for a registration

Organize the implementation of the studies identified in the Community

Agree on whether and in which case how, the substance must be classified and labeled

Submit a joint registration - joint submission - which contains the factual data on the properties.

Final registration must be done by 2018.

There may be others on the sidelines will attend such downstream user, universities or NGOs

BAC Corrosion Control's No UUID in REACH: ECHA-cab7ae6d-1ec5-4226-aff0-e64859993eb8