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Generally on Anodes in seawater

When using anodes for cathodic protection of steel in seawater, usually an alloy of Zink or Aluminium/Zink/indium is used. Both alloys supply the wanted protection against corrosion.

Low Voltage Anodes

The use of high-strength steel like Super Duplex steel in the maritime and offshore sector has increased steadily in recent years.
To protect this type of steel by using Cathodic Protection and to avoid the risk of hydrogen embrittlement in the steel it is necessary that the electrochemical potential for the anodes are in the range of -780 to -830 millivolt. This type of anode is called Low Voltage Anodes (LVA).
BAC Corrosion Control A/S has many years of experience in designing, testing and producing this specific type of anode.