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BAC Shaft grounding system:

When the propeller shaft is rotating, it will be electrically insulated from the hull by the lubricating oil film in the bearings and because of dissimilar materials used for the propeller (bronze) and the hull (steel) they will form a galvanic couple where the hull is the most active part.

The current generated on the rotating propeller surface and possible from the hulls ICCP system will enter the shaft and try to return to the hull.

If the shaft is not grounded, the current will pass from the shaft through the bearings when the oil film breaks or through a droplet of seawater in the lubricating oil coursing pitting of the shaft bearings or other parts of the machinery.

In order to prevent galvanic or spark corrosion on the shaft bearings, BAC produces a shaft earthing device, which is well proven and easy to install. The BAC shaft grounding system comes in 5 standard versions.
BAC delivers all standard spare parts with short notice and a range of other type of silver graphite brushes.